Schrijverskabinet RDF


The Panpoëticon Batavûm is a collection of small portraits of Dutch poets (and writers in general). The collection was set up at the beginning of the eighteenth century by the painter Arnoud Halen (1673-1732). As a collection the Panpoëticon is no longer intact, but fortunately researchers at Radboud University have made a beautiful digital reconstruction, which can be seen at

By modelling the data from the Schrijverskabinet as RDF, we can connect the entities that are included in the Schrijverskabinet to other relevant datasets that for instance include more detailed biographical information, such as ECARTICO, ONSTAGE, and Wikidata. Also, a link to the Linked Open Data from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek allows us to retrieve primary and secondary works for an author included in the Panpoëticon. We then can start asking questions such as ‘To what extent were the authors of popular pieces in the Amsterdam Theatre included in the Panpoeticon?’ and ‘What was the geographical distribution of the poets included in the Panpoeticon?’.

The data was first converted to be used in an Amsterdam Time Machine / UvA CREATE datasprint. More information is available here:

This release can be considered stable. Changes compared to the previous development releases (see:

Reference to the original data:

Deinsen, L. van and T. van Strien (eds.), Het schrijverskabinet. Panpoëticon Batavûm, 2016,